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At last the corporate world has its own official basketball tournament, and it’s strictly open to EMPLOYEES, except those playing in any 1st or 2nd Division clubs.

Sport Evasion is the only company to which the FLB has given the right to organize this Championship that will take place starting November 2014 at USJ Sports Center at Mathaf.


Statistics, Federated Referees, a final broadcasted on OTV, Press releases, TV releases, Social Media… the LCBC will be a full fledge FLB Championship.


Teams will be divided into pools of 4 and the best 2 of each group will move to the final rounds.


The winner will be considered the Lebanese Corporate Basketball Champion

No 1st or 2nd  Division employees players allowed

ALL players must be fully employed by the company (No “on probation employees” allowed)

Final Game aired on TV

Registration Fee: 2000$ + VAT/Company

Optional banner on the court side: 500$ + VAT (for all the duration of the championship|


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