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3 x 3 Beirut Open

3 x 3 Beirut Open

The 3x3 FIBA endorsed tournament will take place at Sports Ville on 27 & 28 April. The event is FIBA endorsed, which means that all the participants will add points to their world ranking.

3x3 tournaments are flourishing in Lebanon and a 2nd open 3x3 is already in preparation in other areas of the country.

The rules of the games will be the new FIBA 3x3 rules, and referees will be FLB certified.

Rules of the 3 pt shot contest: 5 balls to shoot from 4 different locations behind the arc. The winner is the one who hits the more baskets. In case of equal number, the fastest time will win.

Rules of the Free Throw contest: who can score a maximum number of shots in a raw. We start counting after the 1st one is in (if after the 3rd shot not 1 single ball is in,  the player is disqualified).

If someone hits 7  in a raw for example and no one of the remaining players scores as much, he is the winner. If more than one hit the same number of shots and all other players hit less, there is a rematch among the top scorers.

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