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Corporate Events

Who we are

E Positive is … EvolvingExcitingEngagingEnticingEffective Events.

E is what you want it to be…what you need it to be.

E Positive adds a positive twist to your marketing, advertising and branding efforts. But E Positive is not a marketing, advertising or branding company.

E Positive is a revolutionary and innovative branch of Sports Evasion. We are specialized in organizing tailored Corporate Events and stand out in our high-quality client servicing. We Energize your image and represent a new blood type in the world of Events.


What we do

CSR Campaigns, Corporate Events, Team Building, Workshops, Award Ceremony, Grand Openings, Product Launches, Incentive Travel and more are all central to E Positive's Essence. We deliver positive Experiences. E Positive is a boutique Events firm that offers tailor-made services and not pre-packed solutions.

E Positive's forte lies in CSR, the promotional avenue of the present and future. And E Positive's difference lies in our innovative ideas, excellent follow-up and proven talent at creating a buzz around an event.

We'll guide your organization through every aspect of planning for your event, from the initial concept to the wrap-up meeting. We'll be there to help ensure your event is Enticing.

Whether you need Enlivening ideas for an amazing activity day, a quality conference venue, a party planner or a combination of all three, we are brimming with great Exciting ideas. We are your Events Designer.


How we do it

E Positive takes a bird's eye view of your project, zooms in to investigate the details up close and then strategically plans what needs to be done. We take the time to understand your brand, the event's purpose and your goals. Since CSR, corporate Events, team building and so on are all extensions of your brand, we always align our solutions with your brand image and innovate within this spirit.


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